Tuesday, March 9, 2010

biomolecule :)

fyfa learn bout peptide this morning..

gly ala

gly ala
ala gly
gly gly
ala ala
gly ala + phe

gly ala phe
phe gly ala
phe phe

the residue
amine blocking group
carboxyl activating group

huhu..bru stenga jam da sgt pening da..
then,we'd been introduce with structural formula yg amt lah pjg..

nme dye pn sgt la plik n pjg ..
enkephaline~ tyrosylglycolglycolphenylalanylleucine..
huhu..fyfa trglak je ble tgk nme ni..

aduyai..criusly 15 min b4 the class end sume cm da can't take what mdm khatijah said..
ahaha..sgt memeningkn today..

so..gambatte ne!!!
i need to study n be friend with this peptide..
yeay gambarimasu!!!

signing out:

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