Wednesday, October 28, 2009

who says HIDUP INI MUDAH??

hidup ini mudah kalau kita patuh akan perintah-Nya

hidup ini mudah kalau kita bersama keluarga bahagia

hidup ini mudah kalau kita ada ramai kawan tika kejatuhan

hidup ini mudah kalau kita sentiasa berbudi

hidup ini mudah kalau kita menghargai apa yang telah kita perolehi

hidup ini mudah kalau kita sentiasa berfikiran positif

dan hidup ini mudah kalau kita

percaya suatu hari nanti hidup kita akan menjadi betul-betul mudah setelah mengharungi pelbagai kesusahan, keperitan dan penderitaan..


Saturday, October 24, 2009

altruistic fyfa

at USIM:

break the fast with them..

celebrate burfday kak zai n abg joe skali..
urmm..abg joe,cg gym merangkap penggelak setia when we play..


3rd time raya with papa at qurata..
diz pixie is in complete coz adik's family was not around..
n oso dafiq..
hehe..still in perut kak jidah..

hee..sumwhere area the curve..
celebrating burfday mak and adik skali..
herp2..fyfa eating pasta..
'ey put too much mushroom in there..


hoho..we catched sorrority row yesterday..
sgt thriller..
hehe..totally besh sb dlm box 2 only us kot..
fyfa,kakashibee,tyrah,n ain..
kua box tu da freeze cm ice da..
very cold inside the box... mad bru blik..
last nyte slept alone coz kakashibee tetdo blik tyrah..
but the nyte b4 kakashibee as owez slept in my room..

Friday, October 23, 2009

view the pixie

this is where b work at..

see the words 'LOOSE' n 'LOVE' there..
which one you guys wanna choose???

esther_yi wen a.k.a my sis

they love this pixies pretty damn much is superb..urmm..
knoe what??
kakashibee said this pixies sgt smart..
but not the one who edited this pixies..
asam punye bee..
taking ur madu..
then u can't live nymore baru bee taw..
thanx to esther_eng yi wen_my sayang
_edward's wife_my sis..
for taught me..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


yup2..i'm learning editing pixies...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

big apple

i got a gift from kakashibee and madiha..thank you=) the best ever gift that i received since x taw when..yeay..celebrated with my super awesome friends.


for everyone who smsed, messaged, hugged and called me to wish me for my birthday..thank you=) Its good to know that someone out there still cares, even if you guys dont really do..hee..

mirul n syaerah bt lawak smlm..

mirul call fyfa

then syaerah call tihie

JUST TO WISH happy twin's burfday

love you all so dearly..

received call from beloved one (mohamad ilman) is satisfied me enough

mood: sgt bahagia that time

then followed by papa, abg adly, adi, long, lau, benson, anys..

i think i ate too much last night, my tummy is a tiny bit bloated still.

our way to balai cerap..
kaki becomes much2 better today..
yipii..can wear shoes though it's a bit painful..

nasi lemak

scene: fog n fog+MSI yg chantek..
hehe..chantek abez..

we already kuyup n kuyup..
n da jdik mereng+ agk gle2= insane..
haha..we are slightly retarded classmates kot..
n completely kenakalan with those wet clothes..
on the way back..

ada makcik ask us
'knapa nak basah2 begini'
'dari mana??'
*sigh* yeay: ini jwpnnya..
'from balai cerap'..
bahagia today..
mad: assume makcik tu mak pengetua KTDI..
but cannot be prove by SIRIM o whatever
yang seangkatan with that..
hehe..ILLEGAL lorr..

then,tetbe terkua this sort of new peribahasa kot..
ayam berkokok pada waktu pagi
menandakan hari da pagi
seriously we r very lost..
no kaitan pn..

Friday, October 9, 2009


family of mine when off to kampung :)

before syawal:

haha..violence to ayam kampung kot..

melihat ecik bakar lemang dgn hati gumbira..
seems too poyo je..hehe..

the other aqeel bothering acap..

in construction : danial busy doing new highway
before celebrating epy eid

my new nephew, dafiq yg somehow looking
lagi brutal compared to danish below

that is danish..mood: helplessly nakal

when gathering uma tok agk tunggang langgang..hee..
dun worry it's just once in a year when one big whole gather right???

aqeel laying beside mak cik ny,elly..