Friday, October 9, 2009

How can two people who don't share the same values in life make their relationship work?

How can two people who don't share the same values in life make their relationship work? Seriously, in the long term how can they raise their kid together? I know it is so unlike me to talk about love-related topics but i'm not budak comot anymore..My head heading me to say something like..urmm..can people 'tak kahwin'???Would they survive in their future??These sort of things puzzled me enough..whoaa..

erpp..there is an error when i'm trying to upload some of the pictures captured by me at home during last kakak came..kakak can't wait to be married soon..
hope he will get what she want and also the right person to replace abang firdaus..

Personally, I strongly feel that love relationship should always menuju ke arah perkahwinan. only menuju, is not a must to be married, because kalau tak serasi waktu tunang then how?right? Thats just me, I feel that you dont get into relationship sebab you lonely, sebab kawan-kawan you ada partners, sebab you feel that it's about time. If you nak meet all the men in the world sebelum kahwin, by all means, do it. Tapi jangan get into a serious relationship sampai tiga-empat lelaki dalam satu masa. Stick to the one taw..dun be too westernize:) if not you are including yourself into a huge trouble la tu..yeah the right way is you should get into relationship sebab you jatuh cinta dan you harapkan untuk berkahwin dengan orang itu. Huh that's totally an 'old-school'.
like Mr Affendi said bru vogue..winx2..
sgt ske that word and his gaya also..

It's just my personal view, please no heart feelings or any judgement yang tidak konkrit. I wrote panjang lebar because only wanna ask, should two person who dont share the same values in life even be together? VALUE TAHU, VALUE, BUKAN TASTE OR PREFERENCES. hehe..