Friday, October 9, 2009

wearing white baju kurung..

here it goes..accidentally we wore the same white baju kurung..haha..sangat pening kot this time..baru amek pixies class dgn catalia..result???pixies itu awesome..really have fun that time kot..that's why nmpk double plus triple OK

SSC life so far quite okay..
I am currently sgt2 have fun with coursemates and also superb lecturers..
tapi ckit felt sad because we can't get along with other matrices..
urmm..which I mean with another section..

habislah next year..
our class will be shuffled

and hope we will be okay..
or else like Dr Shaja said down to earth..
by all means: merendah diri :)

hoho I do think that's much2 better kot..