Sunday, February 28, 2010

truly being alienated

what will you say if someone alienated you??

and all you have now it's just only four persons who played with you since you are very small..
then that 'someone' is no longer exist in your life
as that 'someone' suddenly go to the one that you hated most..
and that 'someone' will never turn back..

does this make you cry non-stop??

i need to talk to that 'someone' everyday!!!
because i love her with all my heart and it is endlessly
i love her more than the one that i hated most can loves her..
without that 'someone' i'll unable to walk,run and jump on this earth and
unable to see Allah's creations..

what should i do??

currently my everyday turns darker and seems double,triple and fourple gloomy already..
and it's impossible for me to hear that 'someone's voice everyday..
i'm sick!!!i'm tired!!
i think it's enough to feel the worst memories for ten years..
i need a normal life..

Ya Allah am I too stubborn??

and that's why i deserve to continue my worst memories
throughout my life Ya Allah..

please Ya Allah..
please give me one way out from all of these Ya Allah..

i miss my old 'someone'..
i think my someone will be
much better without the present of the one that i hated most!!!
and i can have a chance to say i love her everyday
via voice call..

signing out:

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